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viz lab

We created this film while we were students in the Master of Science in Visualization Sciences program at the Texas A&M Visualization Laboratory. We couldn't have done it without the resources and support of the viz lab community. For more information on the viz lab, please visit:

software used

Maya, Renderman, Shake, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop


"Goobees" was created by four graduate students in the Texas A&M Viz Lab, over the course of a year and a half. All four students share directing and producing credits.

Seth Freeman - As Lead Character TD, Seth designed the majority of the rigs and provided technical support for rigging problems. Seth also modeled and rigged a virtual toolkit of interlocking machinery pieces that were used to create the factory sequences. Additionally, Seth designed a lot of the FX.

Michael Losure - Lead Layout TD and Shading TD, Michael created pre-viz versions of nearly every shot in the film, and did all of the cinematography. He was in charge of designing and editing the shots and sequences from initial storyboards to final edit. Michael did a lot of shader writing, FX work, and compositing. Most of the character animation also landed into his workpile (lucky for him, most of the characters in "Goobees" are dead...). (portfolio site)

Patrick O'Brien was the lead Lighting and Rendering TD, as well as a Shading TD. He lit and rendered every shot in "Goobees" (including all of the painful rendering trouble-shooting). He also did a lot of the compositing and shot setup. Patrick also did a lot of the project and data management, as well as general TD scripting. (portfolio site)

P. Antonio Piedra was lead Set Designer, assistant Character TD, and Matte Painter. Tony modeled and rigged the boy character and everything in the vending machine scene. He also modeled most of the candy land, including the custom 'gore' versions of the dead candies. He painted all of the final matte paintings, and was in charge of the majority of the pre-production concept art.

additional credits

special thanks:
      - Dr. Frederic Parke, Rodrigo Huerta, Eric Peden, Ozgur Gonen

      - the story was originally inspired by "Colonel Sweeto" from Nicholas Gurewitch's Perry Bible Fellowship

      - Gustav Mahler's "Resurection" - Barbara Schubert & the DuPage Symphony Orchestra
      - "Boum" From the Juggler's Suite - Lee Maddeford

sound mastering:
      - Greg Armstrong